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Titus in School

Blessed Titus Brandsma as a young Carmelite

Titus in early days of this Carmelite novitiate at Boxmeer, Holland. Born in 1881, he entered the novitiate in 1898, at about 17 years of age. Here he is wearing the habit of the old Reform of Tourraine (note the higher, firmer cowl). The Dutch Carmelite province changed from this style of habit very soon after this photo was taken.

Titus (right) with classmates (philosophy students) and two professors in the garden at Boxmeer friary. Time: after his novitiate, and in the years 1900 to 1903. On the far right is Fr. Hubertus Driessen, 0. Carm., 10 years older than Titus, and his teacher and mentor. These two, as close friends, contributed greatly to the growth of the Dutch Province of Carmelites. Hubertus later became Procurator General in the Carmelite Generalate in Rome.

Blessed Titus Brandsma with his Carmelite classmates
The Carmelite monastery at Boxmeer

Anno Brandsma entered the Carmelite Order in 1898 by beginning his novitiate year in this monastery of the Order in Boxmeer, Holland (left). On the near right is the old Latin school, followed by the monastery with the novitiate on the top floor, then the church with its tower re-built after the destruction of World War II. According to custom, he took a new name upon entering religion. He chose his father’s name, Titus.

Ancient entrance (1653) to the Carmelite monastery at Boxmeer (right). Titus entered the Carmelite Order as a novice here in 1898 when he was about 18 years old.

Entrance to the Carmelite monastery at Boxmeer

Titus’ handwritten profession of vows as a Carmelite (below).

The handwritten profession of vows of Blessed Titus Brandsma, Carmelite
Titus Brandsma as a young priest with fellow student, Olaf Smit
Blessed Titus with Frs. Eugenius and Humbertus

Eugenius asked Titus to defend a thesis concerning angels, and Titus suggested proving the opposite. Eugenius was not amused and refused to recommend Titus for studies in Rome. Later on, Fr. Hubertus arranged for Titus’ going to Rome for theological studies.

Titus as a young priest (left). The hats indicate this was taken in Rome. The other man was a fellow student of Titus (the future Msgr.) Olaf Smit.

Blessed Titus as a young priest

Titus in white cloak of Carmelite habit (left) as a young priest and professor, probably 30 years of age.

Blessed Titus as a young priest in Holland

Titus as a young priest, back from Rome, and professor at the Carmelite seminary probably at Oss, Holland (the small structure in background of left photo is at Carmelite priory at Oss). He was probably 26 to 28 years old; he seems younger in the right picture than in the left view. The rosary was part of the habit of the Dutch Carmelites through Titus’ life time and into the 1950’s.

Fr. Hubertus Driessen, O.Carm. with Blessed Titus

Titus (on the right) with his friend and mentor, Fr. Hubertus Driessen, O.Carm., who taught in Holland and in Rome. Time of the picture was probably before 1920 since Titus seems to be about 35.

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