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Titus in School II

Priory of the Carmelites in Nijmegen, Holland, built by Titus when he was prior and professor there. In the background is the Carmelite parish church of St. Augustine. The priory was built between 1922 and 1930. Destroyed in World War II, it was re-built after the war, then later was sold to become housing for university students.

Carmelite priory in Nijmegen
Drawing of Blessed Titus

A crayon drawing of Titus done by a fellow Carmelite, Berthold Pluum. This portrait was done for a mission exhibition in Oss, Holland in 1922. (left)


Church and priory of the Carmelites, Mainz. The first Carmelites came to Europe from Mount Carmel in the Holy Land in the late 1230’s. They began a community in Mainz, Germany, in 1285. It was secularized in 1802, no longer to be a religious house. Fr. Titus was one of the founders who reopened this priory in 1924. (right)

Blessed Titus as a young professor

Titus as a young professor at the newlyfounded Catholic University of Holland located at Nijmegen. He helped form this university in 1923; the picture was taken probably at the opening of the university.

Carmelites in Holland in 1923

1923 was an important year for the Carmelites in Holland. With the opening of the lyceum (secondary school) by the Carmelites at Oldenzaal, Holland. This was the second school the Dutch Carmelites opened and the largest one. Titus is on the left; Cyprianus Verbeech, O.Carm., one time Provincial, is in the center next to the Papal Nuncio to Holland. Others in the picture are unknown. (above right)

Blessed Titus at the Mission Exhibition at Oss, Holland in 1922

Titus is at far left in this photo taken at the Mission Exhibition at Oss, Holland, in 1922. Two fellow Carmelites are with him, and probably the bishop of Oss with two mission bishops

This seems to have been taken at a mission exhibition at Oss, Holland, in 1922. This is perhaps a Benediction service at that Congress.

Mission Exhibition in 19922
Monastery at Bamberg, Germany

The cloister and monastery at Bamberg. Titus was involved in reviving the German Carmelite province, including this monastery in Bamberg, Germany.

1923 portrait of Blessed Titus

Portrait of Fr. Titus Brandsma in the hall for defending theses, Nijmegen. Titus and others founded the Catholic University of Holland in the city of Nijmegen, Holland, in 1923. His portrait is among many found in this hail for the examination of candidates for academic degrees.

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