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Titus in School III

Portrait photograph of Blessed Titus

Titus (right) wearing his regalia as Rector Magnificus, 1932-1933, of Catholic University of Holland at Nijmegen. This office passed from one to another on the faculty and was always a oneyear assignment. Titus’ inaugural address was his famous paper, “Man’s Image of God:’

A portrait photograph of Titus probably in 1930 at his 25th anniversary of ordination; taken by Grijpink, a professional photographer in Nijmegen. This photograph is, perhaps, the most well-known photo of Titus.

Blessed Titus, Rector Magnificus
Maria Omdracht

Titus participating in a procession called “Maria Omdracht” This had been a very old annual procession honoring The Blessed Mother and peculiar to Nijmegen. Titus reintroduced this traditional event.

Titus participating in the Maria Omdracht procession in a different year. (below)

Procession Maria Omdracht
Procession Maria Omdracht

(Below) Carmelite Provincial Chapter, August, 1933 in Zenderen, Holland. Fr. Titus is on the far left in the first row. Father General, Hilary Doswald, O.Carm., is in the center in the full white Carmelite habit. Fr. Doswaid was a member of the Chicago province of Carmelites.

1933 Carmelite Provincial Chapter
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