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Family & Friends

Blessed Titus and family

Titus is standing, his mother is on his right. On his left is probably his sister, Gatske, with her daughter, Trees (standing). Occasion and place are unknown.

From left to right: Fr. Heinricus, O.F.M., Titus’ brother. Gatske, Titus’ only married sister. Fr. Titus. Bishop Brandsma, a cousin of Titus. Probably Trees de Boer, Gatske’s daughter. One of Titus’ sisters — either Sr. Willebroda, Precious Blood or Sr. Barbara, Franciscan. Time and occasion not known.

Blessed Titus Brandsma, his cousin Bishop Brandsma and other family members

Titus with his sister, either Sr. Wiflebroda or Sr. Bar. bara, taken at Ryckevoort, Holland — time and occasion unknown. This picture of Titus, never published before, was probably taken about 1936. He looks tired and ill. In the mid 1930’s he suffered from a kidney infection.

Fr. Titus; his sister, either Sr. Willebroda or Sr. Barbara; his sister Gatske and her husband Micheil de Boer. Picture taken at Ryckevoort, Holland — time and occasion unknown.

Blessed Titus and family members
Titus with journalists

Titus with journalists, circa 1935. This picture may have been taken at Dokkum, (in Friesland), Holland, where St. Boniface, the Apostle of Germany, was martyred. If the latter is true, the occasion would have been some excavations there, as early as 1925. Fr. Titus was a great promoter of devotion to St. Boniface and to building up the shrine to him at Dokkum.

This photo was probably taken at the city of Tilburg, Holland in 1936 at the opening of a new society for students. (right)

A new student society
Blessed Titus' press pass

Fr. Titus’ international journalist press pass, 1939. His photo is from 1936. Note the 1939 stamp on the left. The seal above his photo reads “Dutch Roman Catholic Journalist Society;” and the secretary general’s signature as “Schneiders?’ His description reads:
Face—oval, Hair—blonde and grayish. As his signature, he wrote “Prof. Brandsma."

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