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Final Process

The tribunal of judgesThe tribunal of episcopal judges are finishing the “process” or investigation of Titus’ cause at the Carmelite church in Nijmegen in 1957. From Holland, the “process” continued in Rome. Fr. Mrian Staring, O.Carm. (in white cloak of the Carmelite habit at far left of table) is in charge of Titus’ cause. The Bishop of Bosch (Holland) is at the center of the table with his Chancellor to his right. At the Bishop’s left is Professor Lamping and at his left is the Capuchin priest who was the Devil’s Advocate (promoter of the faith).

The documents ofTitus Brandsma's process arrive at St. Albert's Carmelite Center in Rome, Ital.yThe documents of Titus’ ‘process’ arrive at St. Albert’s Carmelite Center in Rome, so that the appropriate Congregation at the Vatican can continue to study the holiness of his life and his fitness for beatification by the Church. From the left are: Fr. James Nelsen, O.Carm. (Assistant General of the Carmelites); unknown young man; Fr. Serapion Seiger, O.Carm. (prior to St. Albert’s, Rome); Fr. Adrian Staring, O.Carm. (the Carmelite in charge of Titus’ “cause”). Photo taken in late December, 1957.

The signature of Father Titus Brandsma, O.Carm.

The signature of Father Titus Brandsma, O.Carm.

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