Stages of Formation
Initial Interview


If, after preliminary correspondence, visits, and mutual discernment, a candidate asks to join our community, she begins a one-year period as a postulant (pre-novice). During this time, she is gradually (at her own pace) welcomed to participate in class, in the Liturgy of the Hours, and in the life of our religious family.

Receiving the Carmelite Habit


There follows a two-year novitiate, at the beginning of which our new Sister receives the Carmelite Habit. She continues to study and strives to intensify her prayer as she discerns whether Christ is inviting her to accept Him as the Love of her life by the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience. This is manifested in her growing desire for transformation in Christ through Carmel’s way of life.

Profession Day

Simple Profession

The Sister’s First Profession is made for three years. Broadened study continues, and may be more specialized according to her needs and interests. As this time draws to a close, she discerns, in consultation with her formator and community, whether to renew her vows for one year or make her Solemn Profession (until death).

Solemn Profession

In this final stage, the Sister becomes a full-fledged, permanent member of our worldwide Carmelite family. Rather than “till death do we part,” this is till death when we meet our Beloved face to Face. Our love is blissfully experienced beyond imaging, and it is set to work with new power for the good of God’s children on earth until the end of time.

“We could say much more and still fall short;
Let the last word be: His is all in all!”

(Sir. 43:27)

Profession Day