A Vocation to Carmel?

If you are discerning a call to Carmel, do you:

  • have a deepening, personal love for Jesus Christ?
  • have a growing conviction that prayer and sacrifice are your chief means of apostolic zeal?
  • feel drawn to more silence and solitude in order to focus on the Presence of God?
  • want to be included in a community which shares your priorities and tries to foster them?
  • have good physical and psychological health?
  • relate affably with others?
  • have college or work experience?
  • have a desire to praise God in behalf of His People through a community celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours?
  • appreciate a desert atmosphere where nature can remind you of the Presence of God?
  • feel drawn to live in a small community, and to accept the challenges this offers?

      When a vocation is accepted, the Son of God repeats:

“I have overcome the world”!

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