Welcome to Our Carmel
The view from our Carmel


As you visit Our Lady of Grace Carmelite Monastery, may the Mother of Jesus accompany you in heart and prayer.

Our Lady of Grace Monastery


Mount Carmel, in the Holy Land, has been a special place of prayer for centuries (not only by Christians) because it is beautiful and because it affords the opportunity for solitude. It was there that Elijah showed how deeply he lived heart in heart with God, calling down fire in His name upon the drenched sacrifice:

The Prophet Elijah

“Answer me, Yahweh, so that this people may know that You are God and are winning back their hearts.” (I Kings 18:37)

There, he brought a long drought to an end by his prayer, when the people had turned back to God.

The gentle Voice of God speaks in the 21st century to a soul aspiring to Carmel, even as this Voice of sheer silence was heard by Elijah. This meeting with the Lord, however brief and almost imperceptible, increases the seeker’s desire for a deeper love relationship with Christ, and her zeal to help draw countless others closer to Him.

Carmel is a place of decision, a space carved out for God by the power of the Holy Spirit. Accepting a call to dwell there means laying down one’s fears, defenses, and attachments to surrender to God’s loving power within.

Mary, our refuge and our hope


Excavations on Mount Carmel have shown that the Carmelites named their original chapel in honor of the Mother of Jesus. She was the Lady of the Place.

Mary is our refuge and our hope. Pray with her to receive, at her intercession, the Holy Spirit, who transforms. Our Lady brought to earth the fire, which must inflame us. May it be enkindled and burn in us. May the blaze of fire rise high! (BI. Titus Brandsma, Carmelite Martyr)

A breeze without air
rainbow without color
heart without beat…
such would Carmel be without Mary!