Work and Study
Labor of love


Each Sister has responsibilities in the community. Through our daily tasks of manual labor, we can render service not only to the community, but also to the Body of Christ. Our work can range from preparing for Eucharist, cooking meals, corresponding, sewing, laundering, gardening, craft work, and any other special needs of the moment.

The what of the work is not as important as the why and how. We strive to carry it out in Mary’s way:

    • Ready: “Behold the handmaid of the Lord”
    • Prompt: Mary hastened to help Elizabeth.
    • Attentive: Mary noticed that wine was needed.
    • Recollected: “His Mother kept pondering these things in her heart.”

There are a variety of gifts from the one Spirit who works in all and through all for the common good. By keeping our eyes on Christ and relying on His power, our offering of service becomes His and His offering becomes ours. This always involves a transfer in the Mystical Body: repercussions the world over, invisible as light waves, a secret service to Christ and His Body.


The Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God, pondered and practiced. This is our lifetime occupation as Christians and Carmelites. In order to abide in the truth, we must know God, and part of our knowing Him comes through study. It aids us to live the Gospel in depth. Our soul is an abyss that only God can fill. His filling it is total fulfillment!

Learning is ongoing through our entire life. The light of knowing Christ can increase until we reach the Light that never sets.