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Rules and Rituals
  • People are enrolled in the Scapular only once by a priest or authorized person.
  • The Scapular can be replaced afterwards by a medal, which has on one side the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and on the other, the image of Mary.
  • The Scapular holds us to live as authentic Christians in line with the teaching of the Gospel, to receive the sacraments, to profess our special devotion to the Blessed Virgin, which should be expressed each day, at least by saying the Hail Mary three times.

Short form of giving the scapular

Receive this Scapular, a sign of your special relationship with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, whom you pledge to imitate. May it be a reminder to you of your dignity as a Christian in serving others and imitating Mary. Wear it as a sign of her protection and of belonging to the family of Carmel, voluntarily doing the will of God and devoting yourself to building a world true to his plan of community, justice and peace.


The Carmelite Scapular is not:

  • a magical charm to protect you
  • an automatic guarantee of salvation
  • an excuse for not living up to the demands of the Christian life

It is a sign:

  • which has been approved by the Church for over seven centuries;
  • which stands for the decision to
    • follow Jesus like Mary:
    • be open to God and to his will
    • be guided by faith, hope, and love
    • to pray at all times
    • to discover God present in all that happens around us.